About Us

Welcome to Blunt Btch Apparel


Hey there! I'm Alecia, a 26-year-old entrepreneur, and I'm super excited to introduce you to Blunt Btch Apparel.

We're more than just a business—we're a vibrant community of creative souls expressing ourselves through art and sharing good vibes with our awesome range of products. We find inspiration in various places, giving a friendly nod to cannabis culture, but at our core, we're all about celebrating uniqueness, empowerment, and creativity. From lively designs to eye-catching stickers and beyond, our collection embodies our mission of embracing individuality.

You can check out our cool stuff not only on our website here, but also over on Etsy (find us at bluntbtchapparel), making it easy for you to explore and discover our products!

Our mission is pretty straightforward but heartfelt: to champion creativity, challenge stereotypes, and spread positivity. We truly believe in the magic of art and creativity to bring happiness and create a positive impact in people's lives.

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to get to know our brand! Our journey started back in 2021, in the Okanagan, BC, Canada.